I never thought I’d need a bodyguard, let alone four of them.
But when my father's illegal dealings make me a target, I have no choice but to trust my life to four alluring protectors.

When I'm assigned four bodyguards, I'm annoyed -
I don't want to be controlled again.
Their presence interrupts my plans to use my family's wealth to make a positive impact on the world, and everyone around me is so intimidated.
I try to be cold towards them, even though I feel a spark of attraction.
But as I spend more time with the four of them, their rough edges and protective instincts make it harder to resist.
Andrew, the stoic and serious leader, keeps me safe and steady.
Benjamin, the rough-edged bad boy, shows me a wilder side of life that I never knew existed.
Rhett, the funnyand goofy one, makes me laugh and reminds me of the joy in life.
And Akio, the quick-witted and idealistic one, challenges me to be my best self and fights for what's right.
Each one offers something different, but together they make me feel whole.
When a mistake nearly costs me my life, I realize I need their protection - and maybe even something more.
As we're sequestered in a safehouse, the lines between protection and pleasure start to blur.
Every night is filled with dizzying, overwhelming desire that leaves me breathless and wanting more.
Though I know I should keep my distance, the temptation is too much to resist.
But with my life on the line, I must find a way to stop my father’s enemies before they hurt me - or worse.

Can I trust my bodyguards to protect me, even as we give into our desire? And can our love survive the danger that surrounds us?

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